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Dillon Baete

Quality Assurance

Dillon was born and raised in Carol Stream, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He went to undergrad at the University of Miami, where he learned about craft beer at the local brewpub, The Titanic. Dillon started homebrewing after coming to Houston to attend grad school at Baylor College of Medicine. It was in the middle of grad school when he realized that beer was his real passion, so he got a job at DeFalco’s to get hit foot in the door of the craft beer industry. According to Dillon, "8th Wonder is a perfect fit because I get to combine my lab experience with great beer!" Beyond beer, yeast and science, Dillon is part of a local band that does live band karaoke, and he enjoys hanging out with his fiancé and cats.

8th Wonder Brewery

2202 Dallas Street | HouTex 77003

Taproom Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 11a-10p | Sunday 11a-6p

p: 713.229.0868

8th Wonder. The 1 You Want.

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